How to use and maintain the microscope in an effective way

cleaning and maintaining a microscope

How to clean and maintain you’re microscope Microscope is the efficient scientific tool to see bacteria, bond of chemicals and viruses and it is widely used in many industries such as ecological testing, forensic examination, protein study, chemical structure and scrutinizing tissue. It is packed with the lenses, blends light rays and curved piece of … Read more

Why you need a microscope in your life

using a microscope why you need one

Why you wan’t a microscope and what is a microscope used for. Introduction The microscope is an optical instrument used to see the extremely small objects that are difficult to view by the naked eye. The major components of the microscope are arm, lenses, tube, illuminator and the stage. Basically, there are two types of … Read more

What is a Microscope and How it works – 2017

Microscope Eye Piece Lens

All You Need To Know About The Microscope To most people, the microscope is just a common lab instrument used to magnify tiny objects. But like any doctor, researcher or any other professional who uses the microscope will tell you, there is much more into the microscope that what most laymen know. It has a … Read more